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Shapetrace Agency was a mobile app & web development firm specializing in location-based services, computer vision, and augmented reality (AR). With roots in 3D mapping and architectural software, we helped enterprises create meaningful experiences for their customers by blending the digital and physical world.

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Challenge: Develop a mobile app for interactive themed storytelling based on location. GPS locations are used to trigger audio stories, archived images, and virtual and augmented reality experiences.

Solution: Our team designed, developed, and is launching On-FOOT app that enables interactive experiences trigger when a user arrives at points of interest. All content is managed by a location-based web platform enabled tours to be launched anywhere in the world. www.on-foot.com. Download on the App and Play stores.

Challenge: Independent Risk Control (IRC) wanted to digitize the industrial risk management process for their customers (Methanex, others). They were relying on traditional methods to create audit records of sites around the world, which was prone to human error, non-standard, and difficult to track.

Solution: Shapetrace designed the experience and developed a web-based portal for IRC to manage the risk assessment process. Users were able to easily create assessment forms, have them queued for manager approval. and centralized on the web for auditing purposes.

Tech Method: Amazon Web Services, React

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Nutu's Kinetic Corps Wearable Fitness Game

Kinetic Corps. is an exciting player vs. player action-fighting game that user your steps and active minutes in the real world to power your avatar in the game world. Kinetic Corps. pairs to your Bluetooth-enabled Fitbit/smartwatch activity tracker.

Team was contracted to complete the 3D modelling and animation, motion capture, mobile and backend development, and project management by Rockets to the Moon Inc., 2018.

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HBO's WestWorld Interactive AR Experience

Use your mobile device to download the Westworld Augmented Reality app and see which character you would most likely be in the show. Open the app, scan the logo marker, and watch a hologram host appear.

Links are found at www.westworldar.com to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Created and Produced by Bell Media; contracted to Patio Interactive Inc. for software development and development project management, 2018.