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Passionate about building technology companies and products. Driven with energy to lead and execute on daring ventures.

3x Tech Entrepreneur

Built award-winning companies and products.

Product Leadership

8+ years of leading teams to deliver diverse software products.

Inventor and Engineer

Licenced Engineer and Co-Author of Patent No. US 10552981: Vision-based artificial intelligence for 3D indoor navigation.

Enterprise Sales

Generated over $15 million USD within 6 year period, globally.


Why I started my Playbook Project

April 25, 2020Ernest Yap

About a year ago, I was meeting up with some of my founder friends. As with such company, the conversations often move into discussing new ideas, processes, and how to bring about meaning into our lives. Given our collective journeys, we often talk about failure, success, and things we've learnt along the way.

I came out of this gathering thinking, geez, we've gained so much knowledge on how to bring ideas to reality. We've been through the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship, through hard times and good times, trying to make the world a better place and be financially rewarded at the same time. We've explored and tested ideas, built teams, executed on ideas, sold our resulting products and services, sold our vision of the world, and raised investments. For every success, there's been even more failures and embarrassments that we've learnt from.

Shortly after, I stumbled upon some old notes, and I realized that I had forgotten some key knowledge over the years. That's when I decided to start my Playbook project, which is a place for me and some of my peers to record and write down how we executed on ideas. I simply don't want to forget what I've learnt over the years.

My Playbook is an ongoing project: I will keep adding to it, and it will be messy and out of joint. Just like any good founder will tell you, it's better to start executing and improve often and quickly, then to wait for perfection.

Just as importantly, I want to share my knowledge with others to increase their success in this world, just like others have given me their knowledge to increase mine.

Happy reading :)